stabbing therapy

Needle felting is my stabbing therapy. Long crazy day? Nothing like it to de-stress.It’s simple. Take some wool, make a shape, stab it with a barbed needle. Try your best not to stab yourself. Although, it’s gonna happen once or twelve times. That’s ok, it only stings for a bit. Crafting is not for wussies. Or something like that.

I first heard of needle felting from my sister the crochet master. She knows all things fiber related, and took me to a Stitches West conference a few years back. So. much. awesome. I had no idea that there were so many different fibers and ways to use them. I was just along for the show, but ended up coming home with a needle felting kit to make a penguin from the talented Woolbuddy. I was hooked. Many of my designs are still very much inspired by Jackie’s creations.

Fast forward a few years, and my latest. A cute purple beastie for a besties baby girl’s birthday. To go along with my new favorite kid book find “I Loathe You“, a very sweet goofy story to go along with a goofy fuzzy new friend.

purple beastie

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