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dirty car? clean it up

The most recent addition to the family is a white VW Cabrio. Super cute. It’s a fun reason to brush up on driving a stick. She needs a few things, including a good scrub to the dingy white top. No worries there, I know the drill on this one.

A bit of background- the car of my 20’s was a white LeBaron GTC with a white top and sweet mag wheels. We spent a decade and 130k+ miles together. Drives along the coast, sipping hot cocoa looking at the stars and Christmas lights, flashing graveyards on spring break, and many a trip back and forth to home depot for garden projects. Suzy Bee and I had a good long run.

LeBaron mountain drive

LeBaron mountain drive

I missed my topless days. When a cute little Cabrio needed a home, the bf agreed, and it’s become the new spiff up project. Speaking of spiffing up, the top. It was a bit dingy. For a white top, I remembered a tip from a friend back in the LeBaron days. A bottle of Awesome cleaner (thank you dollar store), the bleach free kind and a pack of steel wool (mine is grade #0000) is all you need. And a hose. Oh, and a little elbow grease. Spray on a bit of Awesome and scrub in small circles with steel wool. Wash, rinse, repeat. It’s not perfect yet, but it gives it a bit more spiff.



before and after

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